2010 Saw A Total Of 41,608 Real Estate Deals In Estonia

The land registry in Estonia  has reported that 2010 saw some 41 608 real estate deals for the whole of Estonia, according to Tõnu Toompark’s blog. This figure was apparently roughly divided equally between land sales and apartment ownership sales.

Worth noting is the fact that of  20 343 apartment ownership sales, 2 875 were for non-residential apartment ownership.

Land sales were divided almost equally between developed building land (9 233 sales)  and undeveloped land (11  529) in 2010.

Total turnover in real estate for 2010 came to 1.48 billion Euros (23.3 billion Kroons).

About a third of this figure was accounted for by apartment ownership sales, which totaled 583 million Euros (9,116,000 Kroons), according to the report.

These figures represent only a very slight increase on 2009.

For detailed charts showing the breakdown of numbers and value (in Euros) of real estate transactions by type, from 2004-2010 inclusive, see Tõnu’s blog article (Estonian only).

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