30 Jan: 5 Rookie Mistakes Made By First-time Homebuyers

Homeshoppers should buy with their heads, not their hearts Key Takeaways Overspending, making an emotional purchase and under-researching a neighbourhood will lead to first-time homebuyer regret. Needs should always trump wants when buying a home. After setting a budget for the home-shopping process, strictly adhere to it.


18 Jan: The Land Of Organic Forests

Lonely Planet, the largest travel guidebook publisher in the world, has ranked Estonia as the number one best value destination for 2016. The guide recommends going into the forest as a worthwhile experience. Estonia has a lot of forests. 40% of them are certified organic! Whereas the tiny country of Bhutan, nestling in the Himalayas, aims to become…


08 Dec: €100m makeover for Linnahall to be completed in 2019

Reconstruction of the long-abandoned Linnahall entertainment arena in Tallinn’s port area is expected to be completed in 2019 at a total cost exceeding 100 million euros. “During the past six months, we worked toward making sure how to proceed,” said Deputy Mayor Taavi Aas, standing in for the mayor, at a press conference on Tuesday….


20 Oct: The history of tourism in Tallinn during the Soviet Union

This is how tourists and visitors were guided and informed during their visit to Soviet Estonia! The nostalgic Tallinn. Learn or just enjoy this exciting and historical material through pictures and texts. They bring you back to Tallinn as it once looked (or, even more interesting, how the guides wanted Tallinn to look!). The materials come from from authentic…


12 Oct: Places To Visit In Estonia And Travel Tips

Estonia is an authentic experience: what to know before visiting this country Estonia is a country with a rich history, diverse culture and many experiences waiting for the travellers.  Throughout the history Estonia has adopted different traits from the neighbouring countries, thus forming a unique destination in the Baltic area.  This country has topped several travelling…