Check out the best restaurants of 2015 in Estonia

Estonia’s best restaurants of 2015 were selected by 30 experts (12 from Estonia and 18 from abroad).

Each restaurant was evaluated repeatedly at different times of the day. Half of the evaluators were from Estonia, half from elsewhere.

The evaluators visited the venues incognito. Each of the evaluators decided for themselves, what to order, and covered the bill.

The methodology used for the evaluation has been developed over the years by the Swedish restaurant guide called “White Guide”. The greatest number of points a restaurant can be assessed with is 100.

  • Food can get a maximum of 40 points (17-21 satisfactory; 22-27 good level; 32-35 distinctive cooking, local master class; 36-40 illustrious cookery, international master class).
  • Beverages can be assessed with up to 20 points (8-10 fair; 11-13 good; 14-17 distinctive selection and serving, a local master class; 18-20 an international master class).
  • Service peaks at 25 points (8-12 fair; 13-17 good; 18-22 local master class; 23-25 an international master class)
  • The maximum score for the milieu is 15 (5-7 neutral; 8-10 equivalent to the rest of the thrills; 11-13 provides additional value to the rest of the thrills; 14-15 is by itself worth visiting the place) .

The results devided restaurants to 4 categories.

Masterclass restaurants

This is the ranking of Estonian masterclass restaurants. In 2015 Estonia had one international masterclass and five local masterclass restaurants.


The full guide of Estonian masterclass and high-class restaurants (25 combined) is published in the White Guide Nordic’s 2016 issue.

High-class restaurants

2015 was a stormy year for Estonian restaurant business and many new and ambitious restaurants were born. Unexpectedly many important people in the industry changed their jobs. In 2015 there were 19 high-class restaurants in Estonia.


Very good restaurants

In 2015 there were 30 very good restaurants in Estonia.



These are the restaurants, that didn’t qualify as “very good restaurants” but not a lot was missing. That is why they don’t have ratings behind the names. However, the level of these restaurants is higher than Estonian avarage and we do recommend to visit them.

  • Argentiina
  • Beerhouse
  • Hermitage
  • Manna La Roosa
  • Meistri Lyon
  • Nero
  • Platz
  • Purtse kindlus
  • Rucola
  • Seller
  • Teletorn
  • Trofe
  • Truffe
  • Vihula

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