Credit Rating Agency Fitch Confirms Estonia at A+

Credit ratings agency Fitch has confirmed its rating for Estonia at A+, according to a recent report on the Estonian state broadcaster ERR’s English-language website.

Particularly noteworthy in Fitch’s estimation, was the accession to the Eurozone in January 2011 and Estonia’s balanced approach to economic recovery.

Whilst not ignoring the challenging issues (e.g. sensitivity to the surrounding economic environment and the relatively low quality of life for many Estonians) Fitch went on to state that Estonia was less vulnerable to the external economic situation than had been the case in 2008-2009, due largely to increased competitiveness.

As a comparison Fitch rates Finland at AAA, Lithuania and Latvia at BBB and BBB- respectively and Russia at BBB.

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[…] reported on this blog, Fitch had already upped Estonia’s rating to A+, so this is more good […]

[…] reported on this blog, Fitch had already upped Estonia’s rating to A+, so this is more good […]

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