Energy Consumption Limits In Estonia To Get Stricter

According to a report by Ott Tammik on the Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) site, stricter energy consumption limits are to be set for buildings in Estonia for next year, 2013.

The announcement was made in a draft mandate from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, according to the report.

The ultimate goal for the state is to have ‘near zero energy buildings’ by 2021, which in practice means a limit of 50 Kilowatt hours (KwH) of energy consumption per square metre per year, for every building, the report stated, although it is believed that this target will be met two years earlier than that.

The current limit is 180 KwH per square metre per year, set to be reduced to 160 KwH per square metre per year from next year, the report said.

Presumably the limit will be reduced by small increments until the 50 KwH target is reached.

The original article (in Estonian) which ERR cites outlining the announcement is from Estonian national daily Postimees, here.

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