Estonian Air Sets Record Number Of Passengers In June 2012

Estonian Air, the national air carrier of Estonia, has set an all time record of over 100 000 passengers in a month, according to a report by Ingrid Teesalu on the Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) service’s English-language site.

This figure, for the month of June, is almost double the 58 000 that the airline carried in June 2011. This was also bolstered by an increase in the share of seats occupied (from 66 per cent to 78 per cent) over the same period, the report stated.

However the flagship airline still has some way to go, having posted losses every year since 2005, and finishing 2011 17.3 million Euros in the red, the report added.

Lithuania’s national passenger airline, FlyLal, formerly Lithuanian Airlines, suspended its scheduled operations in January 2009.

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