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WARNING: We give landlords back their personal lives and vacations

Magnet for tenants

The network of our inspected and serviced apartments attracts high-quality tenants. Membership in our club has a noticeable advantage upon renting out your property.



Our experts have a profound knowledge of the market – this helps to achieve the best price when renting out real estate. Our performance is high – about 97% of cases we achieve the price requested by the customer.


Customer satisfaction
With the support of nearly 15 years in the market, we can handle any and all requirements which may occur with the rental of real estate. We give back to the owners their free time and in doing so, leave them the reins of the process. Our pricing is transparent. 

Fast and efficient rental process–
don’t waste your time, just enjoy the income

When you have too little time or knowledge for carrying out an effective rental process, trust the process to the Goodson & Red team. Our consultants are available for the customer throughout the period of the rental process, providing a full service in this area. The approved and honest information about the object and the transparent rental process is our brand that attracts high-quality tenants.
How do we

work for you?

Plans in place
Do you want to rent out your real estate for short term or long term? Let's get together, let's look at the rental space and put in place the action plan for the future together.
Full-service property management
Are you in need of help with renting out your property or would you prefer our full-service property management? In the case of the full service, both the real estate and its tenants are well taken care of twenty-four hours a day. The manager of the property addresses ongoing issues on a daily basis, and the customer can go about its day-to-day affairs. 
Preparation for rent 
As the first impression is often decisive, we will help you to evaluate whether your apartment/house would need a renovation or a makeover. Our professional photographers will make pictures that show your property in the most right light. 
Professional marketing
Our marketing package is thought-out and versatile and helps quickly to find the suitable  tenants.
Effective negotiations
Your consultant is also a personal negotiator who work to secure you as profitable rental price as possible for your real estate. About 97% of cases we achieve the price requested by the customer. 
Completion of the transaction
If the terms of the transaction are recognised as suitable by the customer, then the consultant will organise the conclusion of an agreement. As an option, we can arrange the rental space ready for occupancy
Peace Of Mind
In the case of apartments with management service, we provide the new tenant with the necessary information. The customer can rest assured that everything is taken care of in detail.
14 years of consistency

With 14 years of consistency in one of the most active property markets in Eastern Europe Goodson & Red has developed an enviable reputation for in-depth market knowledge and expertise, considerate personal service. Goodson & Red has been featured in New York Times, The Guardian and Financial Times

We offer the solution you are looking for

Goodson & Red has been on the fast-growing Eastern European real estate market for nearly 15 years and acquired a thorough knowledge of the market. We are guide the customer throughout the preparation and performance of the rental process and, in the opinion of the customers, our personal customer service is at a high level.  We take care of everything – we will give you the time, freedom, and in addition, the monthly rental income. 

Why choose us as your partner?

  • We have a good market knowledge and will help to conclude the best deals
  • Versatile apartment rental solutions to attract the customers
  • A café-style office, which is convenient for direct communication with the customers
  • Clear, rapid and transparent customer communications
  • High-quality photos and schematics for the presentation of the property
  • Checks prior to the selection of tenants
  • Our negotiators are doing all the work for you
  • Professional help and service twenty-four hours a day
  • If necessary, we will arrange cleaning and maintenance of a rental apartment
  • Flexible opportunities for tenants moving in
  • We will make sure that the apartment is still in good condition after the tenants move out
  • We carry out inspection visits to short lets apartments
  • Our rental process is clear and fees transparent
  • We act according to high ethical standards
  • We always give our best to achieve the desired result and to provide outstanding customer service
  • We deliver peace of mind to the customer as its property is taken care of, and it proceeds to serve income

Get back your personal life and vacations

Time is our most precious asset. In order to be able to devote more time to yourself and your needs, trust the rent out with the experts in the field. We rent out and manage your property, earning you the highest income available on the market.

Discover the letting value
of your Tallinn apartment

Please contact us to arrange a free valuation and consultation. Our philosophy is to make your life easier and less stressful.