Statistics: The number of permits of use of dwellings increased 13% within a year

According to Statistics Estonia, in the 3rd quarter of 2013 436 dwellings with total floor area of 48 400 m2 were completed, i.e. were granted the permit of use.

Compared to the same time of previous year, the number of dwellings that were granted the permit of use increased 13 and their floor area 12%.

Still, the growth numbers of the 3rd quarter are not a reason to celebrate. During the three quarters of the current year still 9% less dwellings were completed than in the three first quarters of the previous year.

The average floor area of the completed dwellings was 111 m2. This means that a large part of the completed dwellings are still one-family dwellings, terraced houses and semi-detached houses, and smaller part are apartment houses.

Floor area of an average new dwelling by quarters, m2

Number and floor area of completed dwellings by quarters

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