Tallinn Gets First Electric Car Charging Station, Rest Of Estonia To Follow

Estonia blazes the trail to the future once again as the first ever fast charging system for electric cars has been installed in Tallinn, Estonia, according to a report on the Estonian Press Digest from News2biz.

The 51 DC Terra fast charger, installed at the innovation centre at Ülemiste City in Tallinn, requires a much shorter space of time than slower chargers, which would normally require several hours. It is the first of a planned 200 charging stations to be rolled out throughout Estonia by the autumn of 2012 by ABB (the leading power and automation technology group) KredEx (a Government-initiated organization which helps both companies and individuals with financial opportunities) and the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Further to this, the Estonian state has purchased over 500 Mitsubishi IMiEV vehicles for public sector employees.

As regards private users, who have been slower on the uptake, new incentives are also in the offing. A growing range of models is already under way, with the Nissan Leaf plugging the gap for electric family cars (most other models were seen as being too small). Peugeot, Citroen and Mitsubishi as noted are other major players, and most outlets have been dropping their prices in the competition to find buyers.

Furthermore, it is likely that both national and regional Government will provide incentives to buy electric cars, including subsidies and reduced, or completely waived, parking fees in city centres, not to mention the already cheaper running costs the electric cars offer.

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