Tallinn Maritime Days Begin Today!

The popular Tallinna Merepäevad (Tallinn Maritime Days) festival starts today and offers a great variety of free family entertainment.

Lasting for three days (13th-15th July) the festival will offer both musical performances, as well as sea-based activities such as the Tallinn Sailing Regatta, moored ships open to the public, boat trips and scuba diving.

This is the fifth Tallinn Maritime Days festival on such a scale, and the first since the refurbished Seaplane Harbour was open to the public. The development includes hangars originally built as part of a naval fortress during World War One and the ‘Lembit’ submarine, one of two ‘Kalev’ class submarines built for the Estonian navy during the period of the First Estonian Republic, by British company Vickers-Armstrong.

Seaplanes will be flying demonstrations at the harbour as well, weather permitting (waves of above 30 cm in height prevent takeoff and landing).

The Seaplane Harbour Museum is discounting entry tickets to three Euros for the festival. The hangars will be open from 2.00-8.00 pm (Friday 13 July), 11.00 am-8.00 pm (Saturday 14 July) and 11.00 am-7.00 pm (Sunday 15 July).

Musical performers appearing through the course of the weekend include Lenna, who performed in the Estonian Song competition earlier in the year, and noted singer Siiri Sisask.

More information is available on the festival website here.

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