Tallinn Then and Now – 12 Years of Change in Photos

We wanted to share a great series of impressions of Tallinn in May 1998 and now in 2010. Some changes are amazing, but it is also amazing that some places still look exactly the same 🙂

Twelve years ago, in May 1998, my friend designer Dan Mikkin decided to have a walk in his hometown of Tallinn along with his no-name camera and take few snapshots. No specific method or locations, just random, but the plan was to visit the same places again after twelve years, happen what may.

Now it’s 2010 and Dan really did take his camera and Tallinn photoalbum and searched the places he had photographed. As a result we have a great snapshot of history of Tallinn. In my opinion the change is mostly for the better, but see for yourself.

Above is just a selection of Dan’s photogallery. Look for more on his Facebook Group Dozen or his Flickr album Tallinn Dozen

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