Tallinn Property Market and Investment Guide

TallinnProperty is The Tallinn Property Market and Investment Guide – a place for discussions, tips, how-tos and the latest information about property in Tallinn and Estonia for landlords, tenants, investors, buyers, real estate and news organizations, from Estonia and abroad.

The active team of Goodson & Red has decided to revive the resource centre TallinnProperty.com that one of the agency’s partners Darren Goodson created in 2005 to share information and advice to his fellow countrymen about Estonia’s real estate market. The aim is to create the guide and centre for Tallinn’s and Estonia’s real estate market and investments – a window to all participants and interested parties, for both, locals and foreigners, a place for discussions and for sharing info, clues and experiences.

Meanwhile it is possible to follow the progress and join in on Twitter and Facebook or you you can sign up and we’ll send you a notification as soon as The Tallinn Property Guide has been launched.

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