Tallinn’s Two Transport Agencies To Be Merged

The two major public transport companies in Tallinn, Estonia, are to be merged, according to a report by Ott Tammik on the Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) English language site.

The Tallinn Bus Company (TAK) and the Tallinn Tram and Trolley company will be merged into one, making a saving of some 10 million Euros per year, according to the report.

This rationalisation will see a streamlining both in the transport routes themselves (with 47 of the 103 trolleybuses to be replaced by, presumably more reliable, buses) and also in administration, avoiding duplication in management, accounting, personnel and IT, according to the report. However, the number of trams will actually increase, with a fourth route being added (the trams system currently stretches East to West from Lasnamäe to Kopli, and from Kadriorg to Kopli, with an additional stretch southwards to Tondi).

The decision was announced by Deputy Mayor Arvo Sarapuu and comes just a few months after the referendum which decided the provision of free public transport to all registered Tallinn residents, starting in 2013.

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