Tourism Up in Tallinn and Estonia in Q1 2012

More hopeful signs of recovery come from a report on the Baltic Business News website, citing figures from Statistics Estonia, which stated that the amount of overseas visitors to Estonia was up by 11 per cent in Q1 2012.

A total of 488 000 tourists visited the country in Q1, of which 288 000 were overseas tourists. The lion’s share of these came from the nearby countries of Finland, Russia, Latvia and Sweden, with Finland continuing to be a significant country of origin; 40 per cent of the total number of visitors came from Finland.

The largest increase came from tourists from Russia, which saw a 36 per cent increase with 71 000 people staying in accomodation in Estonia. The peak unsurprisingly came around New Year, which on its own accounted for more than half of Russian tourism during the period.

Tourism from Latvia also saw a significant increase, 29 per cent up on Q1 2011 with 18 000 visitors.

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